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ATO is a Chinese company with decades of experience in designing and building power transformers. We have firmly positioned ourselves as one of the leading China transformer manufacturers and aim to prove why on every order.
We always engineer and supply competitive power transformers products, such as isolation transformers, toroidal transformers, control transformers and autotransformers. Today, ATO has provided suitable custom transformer solutions for thousands of customers.
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We Power Your Industry

For 12 years, ATO has understood the needs of its customers and provided businesses of all sizes with bespoke power transformer solutions to optimize power transmission and distribution.
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Our Mission

We aim to be the top provider of outstanding power transformer solutions. We are committed to delivering high-quality, customized transformers that surpass customer expectations, enabling smooth and efficient operations.

Transformer supplier vision

Our Vision

Our vision is to transform the power industry by setting new standards of excellence in power transformer technology. We envision a future where our transformers play a pivotal role in facilitating sustainable energy solutions worldwide.

ATO Promises That

Regardless of the complexity of your design or application requirements, ATO company possesses the expertise and experience you can trust. We always deliver the finest step up & down transformers and services, ensuring your utmost satisfaction.
Ensure quality

Ensure quality

Our company prioritizes high-quality products, engineering and manufacturing excellence, design agility, production flexibility, and reliable shipping schedules based on industry standards.
Provide quality solutions

Provide Perfect solutions

We offer quality transformer solutions with dedicated departments, infrastructure, and personnel. They provide fast, tailored service and cost-effective system designs for clients.
Custom design

Custom Design

ATO specializes in designing and manufacturing power transformers, offering custom solutions for voltage, waterproofing and enclosures to suit customers' specific applications.
Honesty and hard work

Honesty and Hard Work

We prioritize honesty, integrity, and hard work in all employees, encouraging relentless innovation, ownership, and supporting motivated individuals to unleash their creativity.

Global Leading Partners

Our company is privileged to work with renowned companies across diverse industries, that consistently praise our expertise, innovative solutions, and prompt delivery. These success stories and partnerships not only testify to our standing in the industry but also fuel our commitment to delivering exceptional service.
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Well-equipped Working Environment

Reliable one-stop solution for rapid prototyping and parts manufacturing needs. Backed by 12 years of experience, self-owned transformer factories ensure quality control. Experienced leadership team supports goal achievement for success.
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ATO Support Services

Transformer tailored

Specific Customization

Meet your power supply and distribution needs
Transformer quality assurance

Quality Assurance

RoHS, CQC, VDE and CE Certifications
Transformer short cycle

Short Cycle

3 days for sample, 30 days for shipment
Transformer smooth logistics

Logistics globalization

Cross-border transportation is guaranteed
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