Types of Toroidal Transformer

Toroidal transformer is a type of electronic transformer, which has been widely used in household appliances and other electronic equipment with high technical requirements. It's mainly used as a power transformer and isolation transformer, also widely used in computers, medical equipment, telecommunications, instruments and lighting.

The compact size of toroidal transformers makes them ideally suited for applications in electronic circuits, so these transformers are often found in computers, inverters, and a multitude of similar devices. Toroidal models also hum less than conventional options, making them ideal for amplifier, television, and audio-system applications.

Toroidal power transformers are particularly well-suited for critical equipment and devices in the medical industry, as superior efficiency is important in medical systems requiring low leakage currents, noiseless and reliable operation. Since these transformers are lightweight and compact, they can be easily integrated into medical instruments in which space constraints and weight limitations are key design considerations.

Toroidal transformers can be classified into three types: standard type, economic type, and isolated type. In this article, ATO will introduce something about this topic.

Toroidal transformer type
  1. Standard Type. The standard power transformer product series has a capacity of 8-1500 VA, a small voltage adjustment rate, and a temperature rise of only 40 ℃ during full load operation. It allows short-term overload operation and is suitable for high-demand applications. The primary and secondary windings are insulated with Class B (130 °C) polyester film. At least three layers of insulating tape are required to withstand the AC 4000V, 1min withstand voltage test.
  2. Economic Type. The economical power transformer product series has a capacity of 50-1500 VA and strives to reduce the cost on the basis of guaranteed performance. It is suitable for continuous operation without overloading. The operating temperature rise is 60℃, and the insulation material grade is A grade (105 ℃ ), when the load is full, the output voltage error is less than 3%.
  3. Isolated Type. The capacity of the toroidal transformer product series is 50-1000 VA, which can be divided into two series for industrial use and medical equipment use. The toroidal power transformer focuses on its insulation performance. Between the primary and secondary, use Class B insulating polyester film to wrap at least 4 layers, with a breakdown voltage greater than 4000V, and all primary leads must use double insulated wires. The maximum temperature rise of the transformer is less than 45 °C. In addition to meeting the above requirements, medical toroidal transformers must also meet the UL standard, that is, the primary and secondary windings should have thermal protection, and the distance between the winding and the grounded copper shield should be greater than 13mm.